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Creating community through friendship, gaming and chaos

Fabled42 is a community of content creators, designers, artists, streamers, bloggers and writers united by their love of Dungeons and Dragons. We consider ourselves an incubator for 5e based homebrew campaigns and other geeky creative content. To us, community means everything. We are champions of inclusivity and there is room for all at our table. Created by Army veteran and master world builder Chris Solo, what started as just one weekly campaign, has now expanded into numerous campaigns talking place in distinctly different worlds and several talk shows. Though meticulous world building, riveting role-playing, detailed maps, custom terrain and miniatures, ambient sound effects and original artwork, Fabled 42 takes you on an immersive journey through fantastical new worlds. Click on the Shows tab to learn more about each one. Check out our calendar to stay up to date with all our shows, special events and ever expanding programming.

Welcome to Fabled 42. Your answer to the ultimate question.

And remember…the choice is yours!

Contact Us

We'd love for you to join the Fabled42 community. Find us on Twitch and YouTube, support us on Patreon to get access to exclusive content, monthly giveaways and community games, subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting service, follow us on social media, join us on Discord or shoot us an email:

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Special Thanks

Andrew Klein for composing our epic music & producing the podcast.

Draw20 for our amazing artwork.

To everyone who has given their time and energy to making Fabled42 into something truly special.

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