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Duke City Chronicles a Monster of the Week game

Coming Soon




Every Friday at 3 PST / 6 EST.

Jason Russell (he/him)
- The Keeper of Monsters and Mysteries

Jason was introduced to D&D back in middle school and immediately fell in love with the game. With over 30 years of rolling dice and making funny voices, Jason is an experienced DM and player who works to provide resources to help people have more fun playing D&D. In 2017 he launched Critical Dice as a way to share his favorite dice and showcase his original content and ideas. Jason is the Dungeon Master for the Fables of Ukodor stream.

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GW Walker (he/him)
- QuaVahn "Q" Whispers (he/him) | The Divine Blade Playbook

Gary Shawntez Walker (GW) is an aspiring animator, character designer and Storyteller. Growing up in a Very animated household, GW couldn't help but to be animated himself. Being someone who's socially outgoing and loves meeting new people, greatly compels his art; having his passion fall into character development. His hopes have always been to be a part of a creative team that pushes a compelling story. Any day that he can hang out with his friends, delve into his artistry side and produce a breathtaking a good day.

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Bridget Cosgrove (she/her)
- Suki Buchannon (she/her) | The Spooky Playbook

Bridget Cosgrove is an NYC based actor, textile artist and partner to an unruly imagination. After living a year in Glasgow, she returned with an MA in Acting from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, an intense love of tea and of men in skirts. When not at the table, she stitches embroidered portraits of the all little monsters inside her mind. She loves to create new characters and watch as they develop into beloved characters. (As well as pulling sweet stunts in combat! does a backflip not really, her dex isn’t great) Favorite part of the game: When everything is perfectly planned to the detail...and the dice gods abandon you. Improv for your LIFE!

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