The Roll Out

The Roll Out is a weekly talk show from the geeky minds of Linsay Rousseau and Genevieve Marie. Join us each week as we discuss the latest in tabletop gaming and bring on different guests to talk about a wide range of topics such as - crafting on a budget, character development and motivations, costuming for all day play, turning your passion into a business, how to actually fight within a 5 square grid, and so much more. If you've got questions, we might just have answers, so join us in the Twitch chat.

Every Wednesday at 5:00 PST / 8:00 EST.

Linsay Rousseau (She/Her)
- Host

Linsay Rousseau is an LA based actor, voice-over, and performance capture, artist with over 20 years of theatre and improv experience. She is known for her work as Elita-1 in Transformers: War for Cybertron and numerous video games including the female player in Fallout 76, Ylva in Vain Glory, and numerous voices in Rage 2, Hearthstone, Wasteland 3, Elder Scrolls Online and Call of Duty Mobile. With training in a variety of martial arts and weapons, she feels most comfortable with a sword or staff in her hand. She is also a former investigative reporter for PBS Frontline and served as a combat photographer in the Army, spending a lovely year in Iraq. A consummate geek, she has passion (and t-shirt) for all things sci-fi and fantasy. As the Doctor would say - Space. For. All.

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Genevieve Marie (She/Her)
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- Host

Genevieve Marie is a professional cosplayer and performer based out of Los Angeles, California. She received her BA in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at the University of San Diego in 2013 and has since then found a way to make her passions for gaming, comics, and costuming her life's pursuit through the art of cosplay. Over the past 6 years she has built her own successful small business as well as managed a production company geared towards showcasing the talents of female filmmakers. She has had the great fortune of traveling with her work, appearing as a guest at conventions both in the US and internationally, reaching many fans around the globe. 

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