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Legends of Sha'oghal: Braving the Elements

Welcome to Hyväkä, a new homebrew world from the mind of dungeon master Dianne DeCarlo. The continent of Sha'oghal in the Age of Atharr is on the brink of change. Since the Land Wars in 82 P.D., that uprooted many gnomes & dwarves in the Orman Valley, forcing them up to live together in Mithjall. The Ghrian Kingdom now has control over most of the land and has enforced a strict pantheon on the people. Worship of any deity outside of the Absolute Thirteen is forbidden, devotion to the Bounded Six is punishable by death. The X'alach Dynasty, who was granted the northeastern corner of the continent during the Territory Treaty of 83 P.D., has since started expanding downwards into the Underdark. Mithjall, stuck in the middle, has stayed neutral, focusing on propelling technology forward to gain leverage in their ties with either territory. Now, the year 798 P.D., months after the maiden voyage of the Steam Forge Rail Line turned to tragedy a corruption spreads throughout the lands while tensions rise between the Ghrian Kingdom and the X'alach Dynasty.

Every Monday at 5:30 pdt / 8:30 edt.

Catch up with our campaigns on the Fabled42 Wiki page.

Dianne DeCarlo (she/her)
- Dungeon Mistress

Dianne is a Florida based dungeon master & creative. Growing up traveling with the Renaissance Faire filled her with adventure from a young age. She has carried that with her into adulthood. She first played Dungeons & Dragons with her mother when she was 10, although, at the time, she preferred to look at the books and create characters. Dianne's had the pleasure of DMing for a group of her close friends for three years now, introducing them to 5th edition, and the game for the first time.

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Jay Foster (he/him)
- Lucius Sidriel (he/him) | Goliath Bard

Jay is a Voice Actor, Writer, Dungeon Master, and Strength & Conditioning Coach born and raised in Wales (UK). A lifelong high fantasy addict, he grew up immersed in Steve Jackson’s choose your adventure books, Tolkien, Conan The Barbarian, The Witcher, and others. Although always wanting to play Dungeons & Dragons, it wasn’t until March 2020 that he was able to participate in his first game. Since that moment he has been hooked and has catapulted himself headfirst into the D&D community.

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Eric Garcia (he/him)
- Zia (he/him) | Human Wizard

Hobby shops were like a second home for Eric, and games have been a minor obsession for him for most of his life. His father introduced him to D&D when he was young, and he’s pretty sure everything he remembers about mythology came from the Legends and Lore AD&D book. He’s been DMing for several years now and is excited to get back to being a player again. Eric now runs and operates - a community of RPG creators sharing their adventures, maps, characters, and artwork. His goal is to help professional artists and everyday gamers succeed in what they love to do.

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Betts Foster (she/her)

Bettie is a self proclaimed lifelong nerd. She was immersed in comics from a young age and obsessed with them as she grew up. Bettie and her husband have been professional cosplayers for several years bringing smiles to people in their community. Bettie is a competitive athlete in Olympic Weightlifting and a personal trainer. She desires to be a real life Amazonian woman! Dungeons and Dragons had always been a cool nerdy thing she respected others for playing but it wasn’t until 2020 during lockdown that it exploded into her life. She absolutely loves the role playing and getting lost in these amazing characters. There is nothing like the bond you make with other players. She says, “It’s so cool to have these experiences that you remember in grave detail with these friends that never actually happened.”

- Iola Verlice (she/her) | Elf Barbarian
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Mike O'Neal (he/him)
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- Ozmund (they/them) | Warforged Cleric

Mike is a Gamer, DM, Aspiring Voice Actor, Crap Musician & Occasional Cosplayer that currently pays bills working in data analytics. He has always had a love for nerd culture ever since buying his first comic when he was 7 (Green lantern). He got into cosplay after attending his first comic convention (Dragon Con) in his early 20’s and that eventually led to a complete D&D obsession in 2016. Mike has a room/dungeon entirely dedicated to D&D where he is eagerly awaiting the return of in-person games. D&D is a game that has become a way of life. A bonding pastime that, through group storytelling, allows anyone to be whoever they want. In his spare time you can catch him streaming games on Twitch, Doing DIY projects, or ghost writing standup comedy bits.

Chris Solo (he/him)
- Kanovash Ashari (he/him) | Kalashtar Ranger

As an Army/Navy veteran and Creative Producer, Chris prides himself on having the ability to find compelling stories, the perfect writers for the material, gathering an efficient compatible crew to take the project from concept to delivery. He loves what he does and hopes to instill that in his projects. As Schweitzer says, "If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

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