Legends of Sha'oghal: Braving the Elements

Welcome to Hyväkä, a new 5e homebrew world from the mind of dungeon master Dianne Hall. The continent of Sha'oghal in the Age of Atharr is on the brink of change. Since the Land Wars in 82 P.D., that uprooted many gnomes & dwarves in the Orman Valley, forcing them up to live together in Mithjall. The Ghrian Kingdom now has control over most of the land and has enforced a strict pantheon on the people. Worship of any deity outside of the Absolute Thirteen is forbidden, devotion to the Bounded Six is punishable by death. The X'alach Dynasty, who was granted the northeastern corner of the continent during the Territory Treaty of 83 P.D., has since started expanding downwards into the Underdark. Mithjall, stuck in the middle, has stayed neutral, focusing on propelling technology forward to gain leverage in their ties with either territory. Now we come to the year 798 P.D., the maiden voyage of the Steam Forge Rail is due to arrive in Athcross the 4th day of Miemìos. With most of the cars packed, chaos unleashes when the engineer is attacked by Steam Mephits, bringing together an unlikely group. They will need to act fast to gain control of the train before it crashes. Join these adventurers while they unlock the secrets of the elements and seek their victories.

Every Monday at 6:00 PST / 9:00 EST.

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Dianne Hall (she/her)
- Dungeon Mistress

Dianne is a Florida based dungeon master & creative. Growing up traveling with the Renaissance Faire filled her with adventure from a young age. She has carried that with her into adulthood. She first played Dungeons & Dragons with her mother when she was 10, although, at the time, she preferred to look at the books and create characters. Dianne's had the pleasure of DMing for a group of her close friends for three years now, introducing them to 5th edition, and the game for the first time.

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Lizz Metcalf (she/her)
- Daffodil Ordures (she/her) / Possumfolk Bardlock

As a fantasy artist, Lizz has always had a love of the magical and mystical worlds that tabletop gaming brings to life. From an early age, Lizz has had a passion for creating art and gaming, which helped fuel her deep dive into the fantasy worlds around her. As an adult, she now is a fantasy artist; painting and illustrating digital or traditional art (with a side hobby of being a pun master). As a tech geek, she bridges her passion of tabletop gaming with a love of software through streaming and online video gaming. Lizz spends her time as an IRL moon druid, making friends with animals (a house doggo and a tiger tabby familiar), gardening her own produce and herbs, DM's or plays Dungeons and Dragons nightly, crafting food as a kitchen green witch, and camping/hiking in nature. If it's an adventure in any form, she's is down to journey!

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Linsay Rousseau (she/her)
- Mata Inayat (she/them) / Gnome Rogue
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Linsay Rousseau is an LA based actor, voice-over and performance capture artist with over 20 years of theatre and improv experience. She is best known as as Elita-1 in Transformers: War for Cybertron on Netflix and for her extensive work in video games, including Fallout 76, Vain Glory, Rage 2, World of Warcraft, Wasteland 3, Elder Scrolls Online, Call of Duty Mobile and NBA 2K20 and 21. With training in a variety of martial arts and weapons, she feels most comfortable with a sword or staff in her hand. She is a former investigative reporter for PBS Frontline and served as a combat photographer in the Army, spending a lovely year in Iraq. A consummate geek, she has passion (and t-shirt) for all things sci-fi and fantasy. As the Doctor would say - Space. For. All.

Taryn Hackett (she/her)
- Anya "Jynx" Valtova (she/her) / Swiftstride Shifter Monk

Taryn is an aspiring professional nerd and an all-around creative mind. She grew up in the barren region that is the Texas panhandle, which led her to dream of far-off, fantastical lands and develop an avid imagination, longing for adventure. From a young age, gaming and nerd culture were her escape from the daily woes of life. D&D has become her central passion in recent years, and has proven to be a fantastic creative outlet, as well as a tool for mental wellness. Taryn now spends her time writing for TTRPG campaigns, crafting terrain and cosplays, making dice (to feed her addiction), and gaming with her chosen family. If she isn’t gaming or creating, Taryn is relaxing with her husband, daughter, and multiple fur babies.

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Jordan Campbell (he/them)
- Rexillious "Uhtred" Einarsson (he/him) / Human Polymath

Jordan is a Bay Area Actor, Stand-up Comedian, Improviser, and overall Entertainer who has a knack for storytelling. Since he was a little kid, Jordan has been writing and telling stories about the things that he imagines or retelling the hilarious adventures of his life while on stage. Once upon a time he was brought to a D&D session out of curiosity finding a passion for making characters and truly living in the world created and has never looked back since.

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Chris Sizemore (he/him)
- Friz Bottletop (he/him) / Gnome Artificer

Chris Sizemore rekindled his fervor for tabletop roleplaying games after moving back to the US from China. Part-time father, part-time Dungeon Master, Chris utilizes whatever spare time he can find into creating epic story moments for his Oregonian Rogue Valley friends. When not playing D&D, you can find him at your local dollar store buying glitter to use in his next ambitious miniature crafting endeavor or singing Baby Shark to his daughter, Freyja.

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Chris Solo (he/him)
- Castilius Rhiem (he/him) / Human Bloodhunter

As an Army/Navy veteran and Creative Producer, Chris prides himself on having the ability to find compelling stories, the perfect writers for the material, gathering an efficient compatible crew to take the project from concept to delivery. He loves what he does and hopes to instill that in his projects. As Schweitzer says, "If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

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