Riverbreak is a 5e homebrew island city created by Arthur Wright and his wife Julie Wright. A large metropolis where multiple rivers meet and form waterfalls and a lake. Riverbreak is known for two things, practitioners of magic and Dragoncrush wine. Dragoncrush wine is made by grapes only found on the island of Cair Iaun, where Riverbreak is located. There is a special sect of druids that care for these grapes and make the best wine in the world. In addition to wine, Riverbreak is home to the best schools for the practitioners of magic. Great wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, clerics, druids and bards come from the city. Riverbreak has many unique traits that make it an interesting city to behold! There are many interesting things to behold in Rivervbreak. So welcome. Come meet our adventureres....

Every other Saturday at 9:00am PST / 12:00 pm EST.

Arthur Wright (He/Him)
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- Dungeon Master

Having played Dungeons and Dragons since he was a child (many moons ago, started with basic D&D) Arthur is very happy that he gets to live a life where D&D is still a large part of it. Never did he think that he would still some 38 years later be playing this amazing game. In addition to still playing it, he is creating new content that people seem to like. Alpha playtester for D&D 5th and an author on a D&D book "Spectacular Settlements" by Nord Games. Right now living his best life with a great job, an amazing wife/family and Dungeons and Dragons as a major part of it. Former DM for Rollout (season 1 and 2) for the WWE on the UpUpDownDown channel on YouTube. Follow him on social media to see new products he comes across and the 3d terrain builds he does for home as well as the Riverbreak show on Fabled42.

Alicia Marie (She/Her)
- Goldie (She/Her) / Hafling Sorcerer

“CI-borg” Alicia Marie is a deaf* author and fitness pro who turned her obsession with super-physiques, comic books, video game and anime art into a creative career. Known for her fixation on classic Mortal Kombat and superhero strength, Alicia, a self-professed “compulsive maker,” creates costumes and styled character looks for a number of media companies like Warner Brothers, Gearbox, Blizzard and for celebrities like WWE superstar Ronda Rousey. Focusing on competitive fitness paid off as Alicia became the physical inspiration for some of the female fighting characters you see in popular video games. In May, she was introduced as a playable character in Sony Interactive’s new Predator game PREDATOR: Hunting Grounds. When she isn’t working on a new cos-look or speaking on accessibility awareness, you can find Alicia at the gym or casting spells in a number of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

*Alicia has cochlear implants that allow her to process sound - to “hear” - this is how she participates in live productions.

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Chris Sims (He/Him)
- Corbahg (He/Him) / Half-Orc Paladin-Warlock

Chris creates games and tells stories. At age ten, Chris discovered Basic Dungeons & Dragons and never looked back. He's a longtime contributor to the D&D game who helped develop the game's fifth edition. Chris has worked on lots of other games, too, such as Starfinder and Pathfinder, Magic: The Gathering, and State of Decay 2, among others. From Virginia, Chris now lives in rural Austria with his wife and two daughters. There, he still makes games, including one with his kids. He also does other art, cultural, and tech work, usually as an editor or writer.

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Thad Casey (He/Him)
- Brynn (He/Him) / Elf Fighter

Thad’s the manufacturing guru on the Vorpal Board team.  When he’s not leveling up a tech company from a startup to a full blown business he’s playing a ton of D&D and board games on Vorpal.   He’s been known to cast fireball in small wooden warehouses, use the wand of wonder to the demise of his friends on a train, and has killed at least one celeb player’s PC (but that was the DM’s fault).  Outside the gaming world Thad has an amazing family with two pre-teen kids and a beautiful wife who’s exceptionally tolerant of the shenanigans. 

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Chris Solo (He/Him)
- Nycoril (He/Him) / Firbolg Bard

As an Army/Navy veteran and Creative Producer, Chris prides himself on having the ability to find compelling stories, the perfect writers for the material, gathering an efficient compatible crew to take the project from concept to delivery. He loves what he does and hopes to instill that in his projects. As Schweitzer says, "If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

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