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The Realms of Ukodor Season 2: Beyond Fate

It is the third age of Ukodor. It has been 40 years since the defeat of the darkness as we travel three thousand miles south in central Hylak. A foreign land to those who dwell in the land of men. Hylak is a different place than you could imagine. There are no humans, elves, dwarves or halflings in this realm. This is the land of monsters, well, monsters to the untrained eye. The land of Hylak is a beautiful landscape of mountains and forests as far as the eye can see. Filled with many amazing creatures such as orcs, goblins, bugbears, gnolls and alike. These creatures are not the ones we’ve been told about in our bedtime stories. They are in fact, just like us in every way imaginable. They are farmers, fishermen, crafters, traders, fathers, mothers and siblings. You see we have been led to believe that all creatures are evil and want to destroy our way of living. Well that simply isn’t the case. There are two sides to everyone. There are evil humans and elves as there are evil orcs and goblins. However, they all can also be good. Some would say even more so than even us. That is a story of several unlikely heroes from different parts of the world who have come together for no other reason than fate itself. But my children this story goes even further, beyond fate.

The world of Ukodor is a 5e homebrew universe created by Dungeon Master Chris Solo.

Every Wednesday at 6:00 PST / 9:00 EST.

Catch up with our campaigns on the Fabled42 Wiki page.

Realms of Ukodor - -Campaign 2
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Chris Solo (he/him)
- Dungeon Master

As an Army/Navy veteran and Creative Producer, Chris prides himself on having the ability to find compelling stories, the perfect writers for the material, gathering an efficient compatible crew to take the project from concept to delivery. He loves what he does and hopes to instill that in his projects. As Schweitzer says, "If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

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James Griffin (he/him)
- Whisper (they/them) / Hexblood Warlock

James has always had an overactive imagination, fueling his passion for creativity over the years. Serving Active Duty Air Force, he has learned to juggles life's responsibilities with bemusing his inner child. By no means is he an expert in any stretch of the word, however James enjoys the stories that keep you coming back for more. Within D&D there is a clean slate that enables any form of inspiration to take shape and guide the players down a winding path of adventure. He believes that anyone should have the opportunity to play D&D if they have the chance - the journey alone is worth it.

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Dianne DeCarlo (she/her)
- Keywynn (she/her) / Firbolg Cleric

Dianne is a Florida based dungeon master & creative. Growing up traveling with the Renaissance Faire filled her with adventure from a young age. She has carried that with her into adulthood. She first played Dungeons & Dragons with her mother when she was 10, although, at the time, she preferred to look at the books and create characters. Dianne's had the pleasure of DMing for a group of her close friends for three years now, introducing them to 5th edition, and the game for the first time. 

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Jason Russell (he/him)
- Felix (he/him) / Halfling Wizard

Jason was introduced to D&D back in middle school and immediately fell in love with the game. With over 30 years of rolling dice and making funny voices, Jason is an experienced DM and player who works to provide resources to help people have more fun playing D&D. In 2017 he launched Critical Dice as a way to share his favorite dice and showcase his original content and ideas. Jason is the Dungeon Master for the Fables of Ukodor stream.

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Bridget Cosgrove (she/her)
- Qre (she/her) / Aarakocra Fighter
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Bridget Cosgrove is an NYC based actor, textile artist and partner to an unruly imagination. After living a year in Glasgow, she returned with an MA in Acting from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, an intense love of tea and of men in skirts. When not at the table, she stitches embroidered portraits of the all little monsters inside her mind. She loves to create new characters and watch as they develop into beloved characters. (As well as pulling sweet stunts in combat! does a backflip not really, her dex isn’t great) Favorite part of the game: When everything is perfectly planned to the detail...and the dice gods abandon you. Improv for your LIFE!

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Jay Foster (he/him)
- Jaspert (he/him) / Gnoblin Rogue

Jay is a Voice Actor, Writer, Dungeon Master, and Strength & Conditioning Coach born and raised in Wales (UK). A lifelong high fantasy addict, he grew up immersed in Steve Jackson’s choose your adventure books, Tolkien, Conan The Barbarian, The Witcher, and others. Although always wanting to play Dungeons & Dragons, it wasn’t until March 2020 that he was able to participate in his first game. Since that moment he has been hooked and has catapulted himself headfirst into the D&D community.

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Chelsea Simmons (she/her)
- Crysta (she/her) / Korvu Ranger

Chelsea was born and raised on the sometimes sunny central coast of California. She started playing Dungeons & Dragons during quarantine and is forever hooked. This is her second D&D campaign and first time streaming. Although a total noob, what she lacks in experience, she makes up for with enthusiasm. An avid gamer across all platforms and genres, it’s impossible for her to pick one favorite. When not online, she’s likely on stage performing in a local play or cuddling her dog Louie.

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Erik Braa (he/him)
- Kerrick (he/him) / Dragonborn Fighter

Cue the Horns from the marauding raiders!  Erik is the #VikingofVoice...well, he is a Viking for anything really. He got his start in video games and has garnered success in all areas of acting. Most well-known as the voice of "Draven", "Jax", and "VelKoz" in League of Legends. He has lent his voice to hundreds of games, from Heroes of the Storm and many Blizzard titles to The Walking Dead game for Telltale Games. You can hear him doing Audiobooks like "White Tiger Legend" and Stories like "Trans-Siberian Railroad" in the Calm app, as well as Commercials and Promos. Pillaging SoundBooths everywhere, here comes the Viking! The Viking of Voiceover!

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