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Chris Solo
- Creator and Dungeon Master

As a Creative Producer, I pride myself on having the ability to find compelling stories, the perfect writers for the material, gathering an efficient compatible crew to take the project from concept to delivery. I love what I do and I hope to instill that in my projects. As Schweitzer says, "If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Erik Braa
- Torq / Goliath Barbarian

                    Cue the Horns from the marauding raiders!

Erik is the #VikingofVoice...well, he is a Viking for anything really. He got his start in video games and has garnered success in all areas of acting. Most well-known as the voice of "Draven", "Jax", and "VelKoz" in League of Legends. He has lent his voice to hundreds of games, from Heroes of the Storm and many Blizzard titles to The Walking Dead game for Telltale Games. You can hear him doing Audiobooks like "White Tiger Legend" and Stories like "Trans-Siberian Railroad" in the Calm app, as well as Commercials and Promos. Pillaging SoundBooths everywhere, here comes the Viking! The Viking of Voiceover!


Jeremy Bluejean Jones
- Burakubuu / Aasimar Monk of the Honored Palm

Jeremy Bluejean Jones is the Patron Saint of Fisticuffs. He is available for birthday parties. His rate is 1 bag of Pizza Rolls. You can find him here: 




- Denahi / Tiefling Sorcerer
Anne McDonnell

She is a visual development artist with a passion for creating experiences. Anne has always been a fan of role play and fantasy. She spends a lot of time hiking, playing video games, and illustrating. After moving every few years as she grew up, not only has it influenced her work, but it has also governed the ambitions of the characters that she designs. She tries to harbor her characters with a wealth of traits that align with her own and with various cultural influences.

GW Walker
- Jeidobii / Half-Elf Druid

​                                           Gary Shawntez Walker (GW) 

                         Aspiring Animator/Character Designer/Storyteller 

Growing up in a Very animated household, GW couldn't help but to be animated himself. Being someone who's socially outgoing and loves meeting new people, greatly compels his art; having his passion fall into character development. His hopes have always been to be a part of a creative team that pushes a compelling story. Any day that he can hang out with his friends, delve into his artistry side and produce a breathtaking tale.. is a good day.

Jess Rankin
- Tallulah / Half-Orc Vampire Blood Hunter Cleric

Jess Rankin is a Bay Area-based actor/educator/improviser/all around good time. She even proved that she’s somewhat competent enough to get a BFA in acting from the Academy of Art University. (But don’t ask her for the actual piece of paper because it actually was never sent...) Dungeons and Dragons originally enticed her years ago because of the deep character work that it requires. She is now so in character she can’t get out. If you find her, please help her.