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The Origins of Ukodor Season 1

Taking place in the second age of Ukodor, Origins pushed the boundaries of RPG storytelling with an ambitious undertaking to establish the backstories of our six main player characters. The campaign started with 35 PCs in five separate campaigns. Over several months we visited new parts of Ukodor, learned more about the world’s lore and the events that inspired our five protagonists to embark on their journeys. Eventually, the six stories intertwined and emerged into the weekly campaign we have today. The kingdom of Dorn under siege, the Hesian Empire is attacking from the east, an orc army is growing in the west, and something sinister has been killing the forests and experimenting on warerats. Follow our heroes’ journey as they attempt to uncover just who, or what, is threatening to destroy Dorn, Ceros and all of Ukodor. Our motley crew of adventurers don’t always see eye to eye, but have been bonded together through epic battles and devastating loses. The world of Ukodor is a 5e homebrew universe created by Dungeon Master Chris Solo.


Catch up with our campaigns on the Fabled 42 Wiki page.

Chris Solo
- Creator and Dungeon Master
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As an Army/Navy veteran and Creative Producer, Chris prides himself on having the ability to find compelling stories, the perfect writers for the material, gathering an efficient compatible crew to take the project from concept to delivery. He loves what he does and hopes to instill that in his projects. As Schweitzer says, "If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Cameron Ackerson
- Scrag / Warforged Cleric

Cameron is the founder of The D&D Coalition. He couldn't be more excited to be a part of this is a community that he has known and loved for nearly two decades. He grew up in a small town in Central Illinois playing Dungeons & Dragons with his family. That wanderlust to explore the world of this beautiful game that captivated him at a young age still holds him hostage today. His mission is to provide the Dungeons & Dragons community with a safe, creative space to make sure you have the best roleplaying experience possible. The D&D Coalition was created as a means to become involved with the Dungeons and Dragons community. I personally love creating content and even more so, sharing it with others. I hope you enjoy The D&D Coalition and I encourage you to share your experiences too!

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Linsay Rousseau
- Rānā / Tarvé Ranger
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Linsay Rousseau is an actor, voice-over, and performance capture, artist with over 20 years of theatre and improv experience. She is known for her work as Elita-1 in Transformers: War for Cybertron and numerous video games including the female player in Fallout 76, Ylva in Vain Glory, and numerous voices in Rage 2, Hearthstone and NBA 2K20. With training in a variety of martial arts and weapons, she feels most comfortable with a sword or staff in her hand. She is also a former investigative reporter for PBS Frontline and served as a combat photographer in the Army, spending a lovely year in Iraq. A consummate geek, she has passion (and t-shirt) for all things sci-fi and fantasy. As the Doctor would say - Space. For. All. With all the craziness in the world, D&D has been her sanity.

Breanna Flaim
- Rowan / Cerondorn Human Barbarian

Breanna is a Pacific Northwest-based dungeon master, delver, and all-around gaming enthusiast. A lifelong love affair with storytelling and games has led to an immersion into Dungeons and Dragons she never thought possible. Breanna initially recruited a loyal party of adventurers in the Instagram D&D community through her tabletop photography - eventually leading to her induction as a member of The D&D Coalition as well as becoming a regular player on several actual-play streams. Through her photography, social media, and streaming, Breanna strives to share her vision and inspire others to explore the vast undiscovered worlds of their imagination. She’s also getting close to her goal of becoming an actual wizard - Mordenkainen’ll be old news soon enough.

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Keith Healy
- Chadley / Half-Satyr Bard
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Keith is an old-school D&D player that got started at the young age of 8 thanks to his older brother Ken. Although his heart will always be with AD&D, he admits that 5e is his favorite edition and currently plays and loves what it has done for the resurgence of the game he grew up with. Keith enjoys everything revolving around Dungeons & Dragons including collecting source books from all editions, painting miniatures, collecting dice and discussing all things D&D with anyone who will listen. Although he enjoys playing, he ultimately prefers to DM. He created and runs a homebrew campaign that started in April of 2018 and is still going today. The party consists of 8 players which include his brother Ken and his oldest son Brandon. He named the group Fire & Dice.

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Lili Sparks
- Chang / Tiefling Sorcerer

Despite being relatively new to the D&D/TTRPG scene, Lili is a passionate player and DM. Throughout her life, she has harboured a love for writing, performance, and fantasy novels. When she discovered D&D, it was a dream come true as she was able to combine all of those loves in one amazing game. Since then she has gone on to DM at various gaming conventions and DM/play on a number of different streams. While not being the most conventional "nerd", Lili hopes to inspire others (especially women) to tap into their inner creativity and geekery.

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Joshua Blake
- Kol / Human Warlock
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Joshua Blake has been in acting since he was young. He's trained in the methods of Uta Hagen, Stanislavsky, Meisner and the all around theory of method acting. Joshua found bliss in the world of acting and the full ability to become someone else in a mere instant. Joshua found Dungeons & Dragons when he was 10 and then fully delved in when he was in a show his senior year of high school. Since his introduction to 5e and it’s loose rulings and open enjoyment for both players as well as DM’s, Joshua has been writing, playing, and DMing for over 4 years now. Joshua finds no greater pleasure than sitting down writing up adventures and sharing them with the lucky...or unlucky few that sit at his table.

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